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Thursday, 30 December 2010

Between these four walls - Spatial suffication

I wanted to emphasise the importance of space, how we need our own space and how we would struggle if we were stripped of our freedom.

If you take away freedom what do we have?, physically and mentally.                                                                      Freedom to move and controll is human's greatest power!

I will perform an imprisonment, an invasion of my private space to see how I can cope with being restricted and seperated from everything else. If you stop for just a second the world still goes by, personal space and time is so important. We need our own time to breath alone sometimes. I thought it would be interesting to see how long I could go without being interupted by the outside life and society. The doorbell, postman, visitors, the phone etc. "Outside of the walls" Many other things could also get in the way of this experiment, like my need for the toilet, food and drink. There are so many possible interuptions its unreal. This I was sure I would find out after carrying out several tests. So from this performance I would learn many things, most importantly Human needs, Spatial awareness and how we rarely get time to ourselves and how hard it is to seperate from the outside world.

A private space to me is somewhere where I can go and reflect on life and its also somewhere where I should be guarenteed peace and concentration. I feel this place is very rare and hard to find. I will be trying to re-create this space using four simple markers which distinctly hold my privacy. I will be bound between these markers seperating me from the outside and holding me in my own space and society. The aim of the performance is to reflect the importance of space, how we need it and how we underestimate it. I won't make my performance a specific length of time; it will take as long as it takes to before my human needs kick in. Eventually I will feel isolated and alone, how long until I feel this I cannot guess. The answer is to be discovered.

I will record my performance using a digital camera suspended from the ceiling, so that you will see the perimeter of the square with me inside it. I believe that this will emphasise the barrier and feeling of suffication. Also its the best camera angle for actually seeing my movement around the four corners of my square. The suspension of the camera prooved tricky as I only had string to hold it but it held out. I used a wooden block with a circle inside to hold the camera lense which added a circular border to the video and also added a proffesional touch to the finished video.

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