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Thursday, 21 October 2010

What Is NOT Art?

What Is not art? what's classed as art, is it merely something which is created or designed or does this cross the border into craft. Are craft and Art the same thing?. There's many types of art; you have fine art, graphics, illustration etc. In my opinion nearly everything is art, you could argue the fact that everything is art, most things in life have to be designed. Its a matter of pure opinion and personal beliefs.

I found this question very challenging, I went away and searched for an answer. I came up with very few ideas which, after debating and thinking about all became art in the end. One idea i thought of was grass, i thought of it as its a natural resource. It isn't man made and it progressively grows by itself, however the other side to the argument is that even though natual, its growth is still a process. Natural resources were quite popular choices in disscussion. At college we discussed flowers, rocks, and fruit, all being natural, but similar to grass they were all created by something for instance flowers and fruits are grown from seeds. There was also other good examples one being a credit card and the other being a reciept.

Is Art a process or can something untouched be classed as art. Does something become art when you argue the fact it is? When you touch something does its status change. If you pick some grass, does this become art because you've selected it and almost in a way edited it. The jury's out! I believe that something that raises an opinion and creates a reaction, either positive or negative has to be a form of art...

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