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Sunday, 14 November 2010


Art is a statement, and often divides opinion,
It can be visually beautiful yet meaningfully abstract,
its about understanding from a different standpoint.
There may be an inner-meaning which is often overlooked,
It is the meaning of something which defines itself.
Without meaning is there any existence?
Or is that the whole point?
Circuit Board City.
Reactions are there to be provoked
How does the individual respond?
Response is integral, can you make something without reason?
Art can generate happiness and sadness,
attack and defence of principle.

My project began first and for most with experimentation,
I explored the concept of space and spatial awareness,
Isolation, Disconnection and separation.
My work portrays exploration,
with the wonderful discovery of the unknown.
S.F- My Bedroom sings in G.

Many of my ideas stalled, and others excelled.
I began looking at technology which ceased to exist,
What can it still offer us.
What can I actually create from it,
I looked at Sarah Farmer, and her sound and performance work.
This gave me confidence and further belief in my ideas.
Also the work of the Toy Orchestra organisation helped.

I began to look closely at these “useless” findings,
Realising there was an architectural connection with them.
This spring boarded my ideas.
Here my work took a photographic stance.
Tweaking with scale and space exploring the inner-clockwork.
My photographs replicated set-designs from 70’s and 80’s sci-fi.
Stanley Kubrick’s Dr Strangelove designed by Ken Adams was just one.
Also, THX:1138, 2001: Space odyssey, Solaris and Metropolis.
Inside the photocopier.
I found a massive similarity,
the circuit boards replicated maps.
So I started to follow the maps on the circuit boards.
What’s the life-size meaning of them,
What should I discover,
Are they there to be followed?
I followed them in city environments.
And in tower blocks portrayed like in my circuit.
Tracking my exploration.
Post war tower blocks define isolation from society,
The opposite to their design purpose.
Constructions to be cities in the sky,
have become just rooms out of reach from social activity.
London’s Trellick Tower designed by Enzo Goldfinger had high hopes,
But the tower has merely become the over-rated prototype for the future.
It has to be rated as a failure from a design standpoint, however
It still stands and has served a purpose.

Space is under-rated,
We do not use all of what is given to us and most is wasted.
The exploration of these maps,
highlighted the importance of space and direction.

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