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Friday, 10 June 2011

Door Piece - Complete.

My last " Door" post showed it nearly finished. In this post I will show you more detailed images of the build and as you go through these images you will see my progression and the final one is the finished piece.

This is my door when it was first built. As you can see the lights have been fitted. I have used silver hinges because once painted I believe these will look better. The door itself was easy enough to fix to the frame and the lights were easily clip in however as you will see in the next images fitting the lights was slightly more tricky. Also by this stage before any lights were fixed I had sanded down the edges to create a nicer and smoother finish.

Here you can see a clearer view of my lights, how they are fixed and what they look like turned on. The lights themselves are ideal as they swivel allowing me to reflect the LED lights to wherever I want. Also you can see what I mean when I say tricky. At the back of the door I have had to use a router to cut a path for the lights wires so that when my piece is fitted to the gallery wall the wires are not squashed. Also there is an image of once it has been painted but you may notice I have had to cut a large hole so that I can implement the LED transformer into my piece so it is hidden from the audience. All other wires will be hidden under the ground. 

This is the final image of my door. You can see that it is painted and also you may notice the vinyl sign. I am still pondering whether to keep this, change it or leave it off all together.  

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  1. Looks great Aydn. You did an excellent job with the router :-)