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Wednesday, 22 June 2011

The making of my air vent.

I set up about making my air vent in a similar way to how I made my door. The plan was to create a wooden frame and then fix an air vent on the top. Although the hard part of this process was not making it, but finding a suitable air vent or grill. Ideally I wanted one of a size where realistically a person could physically climb through. However finding this was harder than I thought. In the end I had to settle with a standard 9 x 9 inch vent as this was the largest I could get my hands on. This was after I had searched high and low through DIY stores and scrap yards. I found that 6 x 9 was too small and six foot high in the air it would ultimately look lost and uncomfortable. At a time I wandered about abandoning this section of my piece however I decided that this work would only work as a pair. Another problem I had was finding the lighting. It had to be a specific size. Also I had to look for powerful lights ideally mains powered but again this was dreaming for the actuall space I had and practicallity. So I had to find battery powered lighting. Because they are powered by battery I had to find a solution to them lasting the distance. The only way to do this is if they are used wisely and switched off when not needed. Obviously being six foot in the air this was a brain teaser. I had to find lights where the switch could be accessed easily. I had to cut various holes so this could be done. The easiest way to explain is by looking at my image.

Because of the depth of my box the light behind the air vent doesn't spread as evenly as in the door does. To comprimise with this I have bought more lighting so that it doesn't look odd and it looks more complete. But like I explained earlier my theory of actually escaping through the vent seems impossible but now it is about what is behind the vent and and does the door lead to this other place? Where is the light coming from?

I am happy with this result, a little dissapointed that my air vent theory has had to slightly alter but im still pleased with it and all I have to do now is add another two lights to the upper section, as you can see its all painted and ready so once the lightingss complete its ready to be installed in the gallery.

1 comment:

  1. Where is that light coming from?

    Love it...don't be disappointed. Many times where art is concerned we have to make changes along the way and often they are for the better :-)

    I really think this works well.