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Tuesday, 19 April 2011


My current practice involves me creating a door, the aim is to represent a whole
world to be discovered, a lifeline and guide to many corridors in life and theoretically the idea of a more utopian reality. The practice I pursue is to offer assurance that you might find yourself travelling down endless corridors but you‘ll never know what‘s right around the corner. Also I aim for people to realise that its not the appearance but what’s inside which matters. It is for my audience to determine what lies behind my door, I hope for it to ask questions of people and also offer them a mental escape. In my work I want people to believe in what they see; I want people to have faith in the images and instillations that I present.

I plan to make a large installation in the gallery. I’m looking to create a site specific piece of art to express my personal feelings, reflecting this to my audience and connecting with them.I will create the illusion of a small doorway along the gallery wall, creating a realistic exit. The door will make it feel like an escape. People should wonder, what’s behind that door? The door will invite people to interact with freely and for audience interaction purposes have a lock with several keys available to unlock it. Also I’ve looked at the possibility of producing a smaller installation; similarly creating an illusion, however this time I would make an air vent. It would be positioned high on one of the gallery walls. I would also place step ladders near the vent to create visualisations of escape.

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  1. Aydn, Fascinating this subject of doors. They keep us in and keep us out. Just this week I've learned of the oldest door in your country. Perhaps it is common knowledge over there? My mind is boggled to think of a door, made from an oak which was alive in 1000AD, and is still standing in the Westminster Abbey, serving faithfully over all the centuries.