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Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Front covers of our lives.

Potentially I can see a vision of the future where we all get what we desire. We already have the ability to drift away in our imagination. I believe that the day will come when our dreams can easily become reality. Leading on from my architectural study I continued my practice with the vision of a utopian escape. After influence from urban exploration and studies I pinpointed a common feature. A front door. I thought about what these doors represented and what they have experienced? Our Psyche takes us down different paths and through many doors. A door is the metaphor for our lives they represent new beginnings and endings. I’ve focused my priority on the heritage and history of doors. I’m interested in the life that a door has lived. Mostly I’ve been visiting and documenting doors of my particular interest and analysing their value. There is no definition for a door because they all represent a different way of life, and everybody owns a door. Doors live with us through our lives and memory expressing our personalities. A door is not simply a plank of wood or a cut of PVC but a guardian, frame and front cover for our lives.

Red House Park, Great Barr, Birmingham.

My desire is to help people learn the value of opportunity and chance, many elements of life are overlooked and often as humans we underestimate the chances we are given. Everybody takes chances some work out and others don’t, It’s the realisation that another will come along that I stress in my practice. The idea I follow is that one door leads to another. There are always options and various avenues. My practice hopefully spells out opportunity, development and chance. Every fantasy takes you somewhere new, we do not know where we may end up.

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