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Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Red Tape...

HND/HNC show at the New Walsall Art Gallery comes up at the end of June through to the beginning of July. Red Tape is the title for our show. The title defines issue's of all our work. I've started to plan my contribution. As you already know I have a strong interest in redundancy and abandonment issues, I’ve worked on these themes for a while progressing from neglection in people, electronics and more recently architecture. After my original research and exploration I early on determined an area of work I would like to pursue. I knew I wanted my practice to link with property and architecture so I took this direction. Urban exploration has been my general driving point, exploring and documenting my discoveries. My expeditions lead me to many redundant buildings. I was spurred on at the time by a national study in the Daily Mail newspaper where it claimed Walsall was listed number two in the section for large centre shop closures. It had a percentage of 26%. I wanted to see this, so I decided to discover it for myself.

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